What does renewable energy mean?

Renewable means that there is no end to the source of the energy that is being used. So the source it is coming from is endless.

Why aren’t fossil fuels considered renewable?

Fossil fuels are not infinite. They come from broken down organic matter than has been decomposing and sitting for thousands of years. We have only recently tapped into them and they are already running out, meaning that they are not renewable. Sure, in another few thousand years we may have more fossil fuels, but again the source is not infinite and will eventually run out.

mill-208571_1920How is solar energy renewable?

Solar energy is energy that is captured from the sun. The sun is enormous and very far away, but still manages to heat up our planet. We remove nothing from using it because it is already there. Installing solar panels on your roof is only using the heat that is hitting your roof anyway, but using it so that it will last forever.

What does “geothermal” mean?

Geothermal refers to heat that comes from the magma within the Earth. While most geothermal spots are also seismic spots, it is not definite that you need to live near a fault line in order to have geothermal energy. It does come out of mountains, but it also comes out of springs and even the Earth itself where the ground is thinner.

Why do fossil fuels pollute the air?

recycle-29227_1280Think about it this way. You know how house plants produce oxygen for us to breathe and in turn take in the carbon dioxide that humans exhale. Think about how those plants have captured all of that carbon dioxide and now have it stewing from within itself. That means that the carbon dioxide is released into the air when those fossil fuels are burned. Since humans breathe oxygen, putting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and so many other gasses into the air will suppress the amount of clean oxygen that we have to breathe and replace it with pollutants we cannot breathe.

What are greenhouse gasses?

Just like a greenhouse takes in the sunlight and uses the sides of the building to heat up the air within the greenhouse, no matter how cold it is outside, greenhouse gasses also heat up the Earth by absorbing infrared radiation that is put off from burning fossil fuels. That is the whole origin of the global warming theory.

Are solar panels expensive to install?

There are so many government incentives and tax breaks out there as far as solar panels are concerned that the bottom line in installing them really is not bad at all. And once you start using them, you will find that your power bill lowers and they pay for themselves. If you are capturing so much solar energy that you are not even using it all, it can be put into the grid system which the electric company will then pay you for. It really is a win/win.