You Can Save the Planet with Renewable Energy

If you have heard all of the excitement coming about using renewable energy sources, you could be wondering if it is all just hype or what kind of truth there is to it. The simple truth of the matter is that renewal energy is how we are going to save the planet.

What does “renewable” mean?

Renewable energy is energy that is coming from an endless source of energy. While you may have been taught that coal energy is ok because it is an energy source that comes out of the ground, the truth of the matter is that it is not renewable. There is not an endless supply of coal sitting in the Earth that will be available forever. It took millions of years for coal to wind-power-336580_1920form in the first place and we have been mining it out of the ground for a couple of centuries now. But even though it comes from the Earth, we have learned that there is nothing clean about coal. It does not burn cleanly, but instead puts pollutants into the air that we breathe.

Unlike coal and oil, solar and geothermal energies are infinite. The Sun burns lightyears away from its own internal power source and has nothing to do with us. Us taking in the heat and light that it is already sending us is using the power source we already have, making it completely clean and entirely renewable. The same goes for geothermal energy. We are not making the Earth any colder by using the steam that is already coming out of the Earth. The magma is not cooling off so we are not hurting the Earth by using it. And using it does not create any pollutants that can harm not just people just all living beings on the planet.

Why haven’t we always used it?

In the scheme of things, electricity and power is a new invention. We have been using fire since the dawn of man, which of course is kind of a pollutant as well, but it is also a natural pollutant. Wildfires are a natural part of the Earth’s environment. Burning fossil fuels, however, is not natural. It is not something that we have been doing for millennia, but instead is something that has only been utilized in the more recent side of human history.

The reason we have not been relying on solar power and geothermal power is simply that we had a lack of technology. We have always known that power comes from both of those sources, but we did now know what log-731294_1920to do about it. Since we already had the power of fire, of course we could burn fossil fuels, but we have not always had the technology for solar cells.

Geothermal energy, however, is not new. We have been using steam power for thousands of years in different capacities. Granted, we did not know how to use it on a large scale, we still were aware of its capabilities from what we had already seen come from it.

Once NASA developed the solar panel system to help keep their devices in operation in space, solar energy became something that all humans could use with a very practical and common sense type of technology. We just needed some geniuses to tell us how to use it.

What’s wrong with fossil fuels?

The name means that it is a fuel source that came from plant and animal fossils that have been around for centuries. When fossil fuels are used, they put carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide into the air, which is toxic to humans and animals. Why not use something that is going to create clean air instead of something that can slowly kill you?

I do not know why anyone would think that there is anything wrong with using renewable energy. There is only great things that come out of going green and there is no consequence. People seem to think that it costs more, but that is not true either. Solar panels have an upfront cost, but they pay for themselves over time.

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