A Few Words

I do not know why anyone would think that there is anything wrong with using renewable energy. There is only great things that come out of going green and there is no consequence. People seem to think that it costs more, but that is not true either. Solar panels have an upfront cost, but they pay for themselves over time.

Since I have been living in Southern California, I have really understood the power of using renewable energy. Our once polluted cities are now seeing an intense reduction in the amount of pollution that is happening and that is pretty fantastic.

drive-516376_1920There are so many things I love about living in California. One of them is the amount of renewable energy that is embraced here. The government is providing so many good incentives for people to move toward using renewable energy that people are really running out of reasons not to move toward using solar power. There is also so much sun down here that why not use a power that is endless and amazing? There is no excuse.

I really hope that people think about what they are doing to help clean up the planet. Everyone can do their part. Whether it is driving a fuel efficient car, recycling, or installing solar panels on our rooves, if we all can chip in just a little bit to help the planet, we will be able to reverse all of the damage that we have already inflicted upon our poor damaged planet.

I do not think that we need to return to the Stone Ages in order to clean up the Earth. Remember that humans used to not really live beyond the age of 30, so we really do not need to be going backward. That also means that we should consider what else we can do to extend our life expectancies. We have already done so much. With the pushes in modern medicine and creation of vaccines, we have gained a better understanding the improvements that we can do in our diets and exercises. Now all we need to do is use all of this amazing science and put it toward protecting our planet.

While I do not have any children of my own that will inherit the Earth that does not mean that I have not considered the long-term effects of all of my own decisions. I know that even if I never have children, the humans around the rest of the world will still be impacted from the decisions I have today. I hope that one day I am able to create a wonderful human who will be able to improve humanity and further the intelligence on our planet, but until then, I am just going to consider the children who are already here as well as the children who are going to be here. We all need to do our part ot ensure that they all have an Earth to come home to. The choices all start with ourselves.