9 Reasons to Choose Solar Energy

There are many reason you should use solar power and many people are not aware of all of the reasons. Since I am passionate about renewable energy, here is a list of some the advantages that go along with owning your own residential solar system. Really, choosing solar is just the smart choice and a good idea to save the planet.

  1. Green and Eco-Friendly Renewable Energy comes from Solar Panels.

Solar power is a green energy that is completely safe to use and kind to the environment. This means that you do not have to worry about dangerous greenhouse gasses or emissions stemming from solar panel use.
At this time in humanity, we are depleting our natural resources and creating mass levels of pollution, which is unpresented in the world of man. We can reverse it.

  1. Much safer to install than standard grid electricity.

The voltage used is 12 Volts DC, which is lower than the standard voltage used in a house. That means installing a residential solar system is much less dangerous than installing standard electricity.

Additionally, a few bolts are usually all that is required to mount the system and get started on environmentally safe energy.

  1. Solar Energy is sustainable and abundant.

As a 100% renewable natural resource, solar energy can (and will) never be depleted.

solar-panel-1393880_1280Additionally, even the most non-optimal conditions (including shade and cloudy weather) will still provide rays that can be absorbed by solar panels.

  1. Systems be installed anywhere, no matter where you live.

Solar panels can literally be installed anywhere and can be a great way to take advantage of unused land.

When it comes to energy, the farther from the source that it must travel, the more expensive it will be when it gets there. By installing a residential solar system, you are automatically saving tons in regards to energy delivery costs.

There is also zero trenching required, and solar power systems are stand-alone and easily mounted.

  1. Cost savings and solar incentives are available from the government.

Unlike electric energy prices which can vary depending on the time of usage and the basics of supply and demand, solar energy is never affected by these types of fluctuations.

While an individual will automatically cut costs by no longer having to pay for electricity, the government is also additionally promoting the use of green energy.

When you implement a residential solar system you are instantly eligible for many types of grants and tax credits.

  1. Follows the dark sky regulations.

This builds off of point five. Because residential solar systems utilize lower-powered components, they also use fewer lumens per individual watt (in combination with certain fixtures).

This means that solar panels can easily be made to comply with anti-light pollution regulations and values.

  1. Immediate energy savings as soon as it is installed.

sky-690293_1920By using items and components (like LED/CFL lamps) that run at a lower power than their electric counterparts, energy savings can be even further reduced by investing in portable solar panels.

  1. Systems can be equipped with backup battery.

The idea of one’s way of life being at the mercy of the sun can make some people be uneasy, especially if you live in a place that does not get a ton of sunlight.sky-1392241_1920

This is fortunately not the case however, as the majority of solar power systems come equipped with a backup battery that can be used during the night and keep you running power even when there is not a lot in the way of sun. Though solar panels are still supposed to grab solar energy when it is cloudy.

This means that if by chance there is some random weather event involving the sun, your solar panel system will have gathered enough solar energy to last you at least three whole days.

  1. It’s the right thing to do.

The children really are our future. Think about the kind of planet that we will be leaving them.


I do not know why anyone would think that there is anything wrong with using renewable energy. There is only great things that come out of going green and there is no consequence. People seem to think that it costs more, but that is not true either. Solar panels have an upfront cost, but they pay for themselves over time.

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